“Beginner 1” registration closed
23 Sep 15

Thank you for many applications.  We are very happy to receive so many applications in short time.

Japan Center will stop accepting the registration for “Beginner 1” course.  Whoever wish to start Beginner 1, please wait till next March or September 2016.  The application already reached 25 seats, and we will confirm the seats as soon as applicants pays the fee at Maraya Art Center.

Those who wish to register “Upper-Intermediate 1”, please hurry to register with your name, contact number, and your background of studying Japanese.  Our previous students who wish to continue Upper- Intermediate, please let us know your attendance, as we need to prepare for the text books.

Due to the shortage of teacher, Japan Center will not open “Intermediate 1” course in this Term 1.  It will open in next term, Inshaallah!

Thank you for your understanding and support!