Japanese Summer Camp 2016
6 Apr 16






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UAE-Japan Cultural Center presents “Japanese Cultural Summer Camp 2016” to local Community.  It is a great opportunity to taste Japanese Culture.  This 2-day Camp combines Lectures and Cultural Workshops (in English) by Japanese experienced staffs.

This camp is officially supported by Japan Foundation and Japanese Consulate of Dubai.

May 14th, Saturday:

Lecure  : About Japan—How Bushido(Samurai Worrier’s Value)—has been effected on Japanese attitude and mind in life (lecture by Japanese businessman)

Workshop 1  :  Japanese Calligraphy — How to write nice and neat (demonstration and practice for limited 12 students)

Workshop 2  :  Sushi Cooking  — How to make Sushi and decorate them nicely on the different plates (demonstration and practice for limited 10 students)

May 21st, Saturday:

Lecture :  Japanese Higher Education — How to apply and how the student’s life will be — (lecture by the manager of Japan Educational Institution in AD)

Workshop 1  :  Japanese Tea Ceremony– learn the ritual of ceremony from A-Z  (limited for only 7 students)

Workshop 2  :  Japanese Abacus — By using Soroban (old Japanese calculation method),  learn how to calculate in your mind–add, subtract, multiple and divide by Soroban!  (Limited for 10 students)


Date Timing Content
May 14 (Sat) 9:30~ Registration
  10:00~ Opening
10:05 ~ 11:00 (Lecture) About Japan – General information and How Bushido (Samurai Worrie’s Value) has effected Japanese life and mind since Edo Period
  11:15~ 12:45 Japanese Calligraphy–How to write nice and neat (Demonstration and workshop for 12 students)
  11:15~ 12:45 Sushi Cooking (How to make sushi and decorate them on the different plates at home: Limited for 10 students)
May 21 (Sat) 9:30~ Registration
  10:00 ~ 11:00 (Lecture) Japanese Higher Education – How to apply and how the student’s life will be in Japan
11:15 ~ 12:45 (Workshop) Tea Ceremony –Learn the ritual of ceremony: limited for 7 students
  11:15 ~ 12:45 (Workshop) Japanese Abacus –How to use the Abacus and learn easy calculation in mind : limited for 10 students
  12:45~13:30 Closing Ceremony & Party

Venue: Maraya Art Center, Sharjah

Fee: Dhs150/day

Registration starts April 10, 2016 at Maraya Art Center 06-5566555, or Contact to jpncenterapplication@gmail.com with your name and contact number  (You can register online with bank transfer of the fee)

Choose one from the two workshops on each day, as each workshop has limited seats.   Visit our website: http://www.jp.ae

Waiting for your participation!