New Year Event 2012
17 Jan 12

JapanCenter held “New Year Day 2012” on January 7th at Sharjah Library.

New Year Day is a popular annual event of the Center. Participants enjoyed many different games such as Fukuwarai, Karuta, Sugoroku etc. Also presented traditional toys like Daruma-otoshi, koma, hagoita. etc. Each guest enjoyed Kakizome-the first calligraphy of the year- that you write your dream or objective of the year.  

Celebration cuisine “Chirashi-zushi” was offered to all the participants with Japanese green tea.

The heart-warming short film was played at the theater, too.

Quiz show brought the most excitement to the participants. There were 7 teams, mixed with UAE/Arab and Japanese, competed each other and challenged many questions related to Japan and UAE. Winning team got nice gifts!