Arabic Reading & Writing Course started
5 Feb 12

First Cultural Course of 2012 started with “Arabic Reading & Writing Course” with Teacher Aisha.

Mrs. Aisha has been teaching in Japan Center since 2010. She loves Japan and Japanese people.

This course concentrates only on Reading and Writing, but not Arabic Grammar. Because to understand Grammar needs a lot of effort and time. Most Japanese ladies stay in UAE for a few months, then leave for Japan for a few months. So they do not have time to take long course. That is why Japan Center made this special course of 5 classes to learn Arabic Alphabets.

However, Japanese ladies are well educated. So they quickly learn how to read and write Arabic alphabets with short vowels and  long vowels. They try to read some basic words in first 3 classes. Then they start writing their own name, their husband’s name, their hometown name in Arabic alphabets. It is wornderful experience for them to be able to read signboard on the streets, too.