Field Trip to Camelisious Factory, Dubai
2 Mar 12

Japan Center visited esteemed “Camelicious” – Camel Milk Products Factory in Dubai on Feb 25th.

This state-of-art facilty is owned by H.H.Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.  Its high standard of hygienic & quality controll impressed us so much. The tour, led by Mr. Mohamed, sales supervisor of  Camelicious, started from tasting the various types of Camel Milk products such as milk, flavored milk and leban. Those products are much more nutrient than normal cow milk products. Then he took us through each stage of the processing. Before entering any room, each visitors has to step on & cross “hygienic mat” which takes away the dust and dirt from our shoes.

Second half of the tour was to see the camel farm outside. There are almost 3000 camels, each categorised and kept in group such as Male, Female, Pregnent, Just-delivered, Mother & baby, etc . Camels are from all over the world. Mr Mohemed explaind how to distinguish camel by its feature. But it seemed difficult for Japanese to recognise. All camels are cleaned and health-checked every day.

The tour has ended at the Chocolate shop in the gate. We tasted different types of chocolates & coffee.

Firstly this facility impressed us so much with its high motivation to intoruce camel products into the world. But not only by its intention, we are impressed with its standard of high quality, its cleanness, its good order, worker’s commitment, and of course, the scale of investment. We thank all the staff of Camelicious factory.