“Charactor Obento” Displayed in Health Fair, Sharjah
14 Mar 12

On February 23, Japan Center displayed the ” Character Obento” – Mother’s Hand-made Character Lunch Box- at the Al Zahra School in Sharjah. It was a part of “Your Health First” exhibition of Sharjah Ministry of Health. 

Charactor Obento is very popular in Japan. Many mothers spend a lot of busy time in the morning to make cute lunch boxes. Its purpose is just to stimulate children to eat more. It usually takes about 45 minutes or more to make each Obento.  But Japanese mothers love to dedicate their time to make their children happy.

Two Japanese ladies displayed 6 different Charactor Oento, such as Picachu & Hello Kitty, etc.

One lady demonstrates how to make Picachu from the rice, cheese and vegetables. There were huge crowd of local ladies and  ministry & school staff to see the craftsmanship of making Obento.

Another lady display how to make “Anpanman & Baikinman Obento”. Many local ladies were astonished to see how fast & beautiful they make each charactors.