Japanese Language Course (Intermediate 2 & Upper-Intermediate 1)
13 Sep 17

To previous students,

Did you study in UAE-Japan Cultural Center before?  Or Have you studied Japanese Language by yourself for years?

Now it is the good chance to continue you study at UAE-Japan Cultural Center!

We are starting Term 1 of Academic Year 2017-18 on September 16th, Saturday.


There are 3 following Courses:

Intermediate 2 : for students who completed our Beginner 1,2 & Intermediate 1 course.   Also for those who studied Japanese about a year and have knowledge of Hiragana, Katakana, 50 Basic Kanjis and basic Grammar.

Upper-Intermediate 1 : for students who completed both Beginner & Intermediate Course.  Also for those self-studied for 2 years, and knows how to read, write basic sentences.

Beginner 1 : for very new students.

Please note that Term 2 (November 11 to January 27) will offer “Beginner 2”, and “Upper-Intermediate 2”

Term 3 (February 10 to March 31)  will offer “Beginner 1” & “Intermediate 1”


Registration : Send your name and contact number to jpncenterapplication@gmail.com

Each class has limited seat.

For the detail of the course, please refer our previous news posted on August 31