Summer Camp 2012 Started
31 May 12

May 30 was the first day of the “Japanese Summer Camp 2012”.

It started with the greeting by Mrs. Kishida, a director of UAE-Japan Cultural Center at Fine Art & Design Campus in University of Sharjah.

The first lecture “Japan” took place at the auditorium. Ikebana Flower Workshop followed after the short brake in Graphic Design Room, as well as Karate Workshop at the Studio. More than 10 ladies tried Flower Arrangement for the first time.  They struggled to make their flowers look as fine as their teacher’s work. It was a bit difficult to make the mentioned angles and volume. But they enjoyed so much.

Also Karate teacher showed students many different “Kata-positions”. He taught how to do self-defence using opponent power. The participants also tried how to concentrate the power in the center of the body.

This Summer Camp continues until Saturday, June 2nd.