Japanese Language Course Term 3–Registration start
15 Jan 18

Japan Center will soon start Term 3 of Language Course.

It is as follows:

Courses: Beginner 1, Intermediate 1, Upper-Intermediate 3

Course Detail:

Beginner 1 —for very new students, who want to start Japanese from zero.

Text Books:  Japanese for Young People 1, Hiragana, Katakana

Teachers:  Shoko-sensei


Intermediate 1— for students who completed Beginner 1&2 in our center, and who studied Japanese Language more than 40 hours with knowledge of Hiragana & Katakana and basic Grammar. Intermediate 1 will start with Kanjis.

Text books: Japanese for Young People 2, Kanji Workbook 2

Teacher:  Kaoru-sensei


Upper-Intermediate 3— for those who completed “Japanese for Young People 1,2&3. Especially in his course, students will use text book “GENKI 1”. There are about 10 grammar lessons that are not included in “Japanese for Young People 3” text books.  It means that students who completed “Japanese for Young People 2” can join in this course as well, because “Upper-Intermediate 3” is not the same lesson of “Japanese for Young People 3”. Any intermediate graduator can start from Upper-Intermediate 3 or 1. (Upper-Intermediate 1 & 2 are consecutive course.)  Those who aim to take NL5 or NL4, can join, too.

Text books : Genki 1 (only selected lessons), Genki workbook 1

Teacher : Miki-sensei


Period :  February 17 –April 7 (8 Saturday Mornings)

Timing:  10am to 12:30pm (2 & ½ hours on Saturday Mornings) total 20 hours

Venue  : Multaqa, Al Qasba, Sharjah

Fee : 1200/person (AED1000/high school student)

Registration : send your name and contact number to jpncenterapplication@gmail.com, then we will send you the registration form.  Only first 24 students can take the seat of “Beginner 1”.  Do not wait for long, as “Beginner 1” course will be full in no time.  The previous students can register & transfer the fee at the same bank account as before.

Certificate will be given with 80% attendance after full course finished.


Looking forward to having you in our new course!