New Year Event 2018 welcomed many guests on Jan 20th
21 Jan 18

Director wishing people a Happy New Year.

Kakizome-Japanese New Year Calligraphy

Lovely Calligraphy.

Look at the products of Japanese calligraphy.

Origami Competition

Making Shuriken-Ninja’s weapon

Follow the instruction!

Unit Origami–Making a ball with many papers.

Some Origami are complicated for Japanese people, too.

Karuta- Hiragana matching Game

Japanese Traditional Games

Furoshiki Wrapping Competition

Who can wrap the gift nicely with a piece of cloth?

Even Japanese gentlemen want to try!

Everybody is so serious.

Our student wears Yukata beautifully.

Look at Omatsuri Girls (Festival Girls) !

Japanese Origin Othello Game

Blind-Fold Game-Fukuwarai. Fuku means luck. Warai means Laugh. So this game is wishing you good luck in new year.

Karate-Kata performance by Mr Abe, 5-dan

Mr Abe 5-dan, and Mr Khalid from Sharjah 4-dan

Mr Abe explains how judge takes points and penalty in the game.

Popular Quiz Show

Team is made up the Japanese, Arab and foreigner people.  Then you must consult for correct answer.

Hey, Are we getting right answer???

Winner of the Quiz Show got Bag full of Japanese Gifts.

Winners of the Calligraphy

Surprise Guest performed Japanese Drum

Many thanks for staff and guests! See you next year, too.


Japan Center held annual “New Year Event” on January 20th at Al Qasba, Sharjah.

This year, we had many different activities and competition, which drew attention from old and new students.

More than 120 people came to the event from all over the Emirates, even from Oman!

Everybody enjoyed the Japanese Oshogatsu-Party and won many gifts!