Japanese Language Course 2011-2012 finished
25 Jun 12

All three terms of Japanese Language Course during 2011-2012 are finished.

There were “Beginner Course” and “Intermediate Course”. Beginner started with more than 10 students with age group from 11 yrs old to young working adults. They study hard enough to keep up their level with high spirit although it is only weekend’s 2 hour course. 

Intermediate course was combined with students who have finished Beginner’s two term during this year and last year. Teacher of Intermediate Course speaks mostly in Japanese, so that students pick up the proper pronunciation & expression during classes.

In 2012-2013, New Course will start at the end of September or Beginning of October 2012. There will be announcement in web in September. So please check our web time to time.

All the event of UAE-Japan Cultural Center during 2011-12 are completed. We thanks and appreciate everyone’s effort  involved in Japanese Course and many other event during the year 2011-12.