Arabic Reading & Writing Course started
9 Apr 13

Mrs. Mona is leading this new course for Japanese ladies. It is the special class featured on only Reading and Writing Arabic Alphabet. It objective is to make them able to write their names and to read some signboards in the city. This course has only 5 classes, total 7 and 1/2 hours.

Mrs. Mona wonders how Japanese Language has 50 + 50 Alphabets (Hiragana+ Katakana) and do not have sound of Tha (ث), Ha (ح), Kha (خ), Dha (ذ), Sad (ص), Dad (ض), Ta (ط),Za (ظ), Ain (ع), Ghain (غ), Qaf (ق), Lam (ل) ??? She says every time, “Move your tongue like sports!”

Japanese ladies struggle to learn the pronunciation. They open big ears to distinguish the difference of sounds. But it is fun class with many laughter and questions. 

Let’s wait and see how much knowledge they pic up during this course! (Usually all of them will be able to somehow read & write at the end!)   

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