Al Badayer Desert Tour on April 27th
28 Apr 13

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Mr. Taleb and his family took Japanese residents to Al Badayer Desert Park on April 27th.

For all participants, it was the first time to visit this beautiful Park. Mr. Taleb had a dream to introduce UAE’s beautiful  nature to Japanese. Most of participants were family with small children. Bigger children were very excited to ride baggie in such wide place over the dunes. Smaller children enjoyed baggie-ride with father or mother, as well as camel & pony-ride.

It was blessed with rain and cool air. Although it was raining a lot on the way,  it cleared up when we reached the park. The sands were shinning after the rain. Many Japanese men tried to follow Mr. Taleb, but he was quite fast! No one could exceed his speed.

He and his wife, Mrs Sheikha, prepared nice Emarati dinner & sweets. She even gave surprise for children. Participants were impressed with Emarati hospitality and beautiful desert.