Sharjah 11th Art Biennial Tour
13 May 13

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Japanese ladies made tour on 11th Sharjah Art Biennial on May 9th.

This biennial is lead by world renowned Japanese Cutator, Ms Yuko HASEGAWA. We were very honored to be guided by her. It was a rare experience for ladies to experience modern art in UAE. With Ms Hasegwa’s guidance, we felt much closer to the objects. This Biennial includes more than 130 top artists from all over the world.  Ms Hasegawa prepared this huge event within one year and a few months. She is so energetic and active.  As Japanese, we were very proud of her.

By the way, have you ever tried Salty Ice Cream? Japanese artist Mr. Shimabuku displayed his art as Salty Ice Cream on the other bank of Sharjah creak. Salt matches ice cream quite well!