Japanese Summer Camp 2013
11 Jun 13

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It is 6th Japanese Summer Camp!

First Day of the Camp had Lecture”About Japan”. This is lecture referred to all aspects of Japan, including Geography, Population, Gender, Workforce, Education, Marriage, Raising Children, Aging, Politics, etc. New government’s strategies toward  Energy & Environment are also introduced.

First Day had two workshops: Shogi-Japanese Chess and Sushi Cooking.

SHOGI–Participants had great game of Shogi, although it was the first game for them! Two ladies had one hour and half match, and one won from the other with only one point difference!

Sushi is always fun, because it always comes with foods! To be Sushi-master, you need many years of training. But with our workshop, you can be a semi-master with 1 & 1/2 hours. Participants made colorful & tasty maki-Sushi.