Japanese Summer Camp 2013: 2nd day
11 Jun 13

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2nd day’s Events of Japanese Summer Camp.

Lecture “Fukushima — 2 years after the great earthquake” by Mrs. Yuki. She is from Iwaki City, Fukushima. Her 80 years old father is a mayor of its village and is struggling hard to keep up daily lives of his citizen. She explains about Fukushima, its geography, its population, and its feature of farming etc. Fukushima is famous for White Peach and Rice. Compared to other prefecture, re-construction work is not as speedy as citizen wish, because of the dangerous status of its nuclear facility. She emphasized how difficult the life in Fukushima has been since the earthquake. 

Some participants bought the special T-shirt to support the hundreds of  orphans in Fukushima.

Tea- Ceremony workshop was followed. Mrs Mariko explained briefly the history and speciality of Tea Ceremony. Then participants moved to Tatami mats to learn the style and protocol of Tea. Is it so bitter to drink? Oh yes! It should be bitter. In Japanese history, many Shoguns and Politisians have conducted the meeting during the tea time. They shipped tea and directed the policy of Japanese Government in the medieval times.