Japanese Summer Camp: 3rd Day
12 Jun 13

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The events of Summer Camp’s 3rd day were workshps  of  Ikebana Flower Arrangement and Japanese Calligraphy.

Flower Arrangement of Sogetsu Method was lead by Mrs. Miyuki. First, she explained how to decide the length of each flower, according to the size of the vase. Then she showed how to cut flowers to prolong their lives. Then she demonstrated the arrangement of flowers and branches. Volume, Mass, and Space should be concerned from each angle. All participants enjoyed new experience!

Japanese Calligraphy is lead by Mrs Tomomi. She explained the tools of calligraphy and brief history. She prepared many scripts (text) and showed how to control the writing with fast and slow speed. Participants posed for photo with their best scripts.

Sponsor Company SHARP introduced briefly its history in UAE. SHARP is the world’s leading electronics Company. It’s new beauty products with ION effect are demonstrated. Participants got give-away gift and enjoyed its lecture & demonstration.