Comic Convention in Maydan, Dubai
2 Jul 13

Our staff Mr. Amin would like to introduce the Comic Convention in Maydan from July 5-6.

We have a massive event coming up on 5th and 6th July called the IGN Convention. The event is set to be Dubai’s biggest film, video games and comics convention. Here are some brief details:
Event: IGN Convention
Venue: Meydan IMAX
Date: 5th and 6th July 2013
This two-day event will see thousands of fans visiting to check out the latest from the world of film, video games and comics.Key features of the event include:
1. Meet and greet celebrities
2. Massive IMAX screen to watch movies and play video games on
3. Sell products at the event
4. Lots of interesting activities
5. Learn how to create animations, video games and more
6. Amazing movie, video game and comics content

Check the website: