Jpn Language “Intermediate Course” from Sep 2013
12 Sep 13

Hello friends,
Japan Center would like to introduce new “Intermediate Course” which is starting from September 21.
This time, we made 1 course = 8 weeks with 2 and 1/2 hours per each Saturday.
So you will come less time to Sharjah but same amount of learning-time.
In Intermediate Course, Kaoru-sensei will use new text book called “Topic 25”. In this text, there is a short article about each topic, such as “My trip to Okinawa”, “My Future Plan”, “Edo-period in Japan”, “Sumo Wrestling” etc. There are some Kanjis and high level conversation. You need to read before the class and talk about your opinion.
With this lessen, you will be able to communicate with Japanese people with dictionary and even with mobile-translation app.
Sensei will also teach Grammar with “Japanese for Young People 2” for about 1 hour. But she will proceed quick, as one lesson/class.
New course will start Sep 21 till Nov 23. (We will probably make Eid holiday on Oct 7 and 12.)
For those who knows basic Japanese, it is a good challenge to level-up you skill and conversation.