Japanese Language Course starts coming Saturday!
17 Sep 13

Dear friends,

Japan Center will start New Japanese Language Course from coming Saturday, September 21st.

We are very happy to get many response & inquiry for registration. However, this time, we have more than 40 applications online for “Beginner course”. We want to take all the applicants, but unfortunately the classroom can accommodate maximum 25 students.
So Japan Center will take first 25 students who register and pay the fee on September 21st. If you are late, you can apply for next “Beginner course” which starts from March 2014.
Intermediate has enough seats now.
Registration starts at 9:30am. (Maraya Art Center opens after 9:00am on Saturday)
Please prepare the fee Dhs1200 + Dhs85(4 texts)
Registration form is available at the reception.
In case your cannot come early with special reason, please send us the mail.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Doumo Arigatou!