Great fun at New Year Event !
19 Jan 14


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Yesterday Japan Center had an annual big event, the Oshougatsu-Party.

It was to celebrate New Year with wish of health and prosperity in 2014 for everyone!

For our surprise, more than 70 guests joined the event; mostly current and previous students with their family & friends, but also many new guests too. There were many traditional games and toys that can be found only during New Year period, meaning that even if you travel to Japan in other time, you will not be able to see & experience them.

Bujinkan Martial Art Group made performance and showed us some self-protection techniques.

Japanese Restaurant “TOMO” served us a great taste of Chirashi-zushi.

The biggest fun was the “Quiz Show” in which multi-national teams competed for knowledge about Japan & UAE. The highest scored team won gifts from Japan.

Also  3 best calligraphies “Kakizome” won the gifts, too.