Second Day (May 24th) of Summer Camp 2014
7 May 14





Summer Camp 2014 is coming very soon.  This year, will be held on May 17th, 24th and 31st, 3 Saturdays.

The lecture –“MUSLIM LIFE IN JAPAN”–will be given by Mr. Shaikh Khader, a member of Japan Muslim Association.  He has been living in Japan  for more than 8 years and his wife is Japanese.   He faces many differences and difficulties  to live in Japan as a Muslim.  But at the same time, he met many great Muslims in Japan and learn how they adapt the life and stay faithful with Allah.

The workshop — JAPANESE CALLIGRAPHY– Mrs Tasato has been learning Calligraphy for many years since childhood.  She will show you how to take balance of the characters (Kanji) and how to transfer the power into writing.

The workshop — KIMONO DRESSING — Mrs Tsuji will take you fun learning of Yukata dressing by yourself.  At first she will introduce Kimono and Yukata. Yukata has certain rules and secret tips to wear neatly and tidy.   If you know these secrets, you will be able to dress neatly with a little practice. Ladies-only class.

Just make sure to register and secure your seat before coming, as Japan Center will prepare the workshop items for you.

Registration at Maraya Art Center, Al Qasba, Sharjah :tel 06-5566555

or send us the registration form to