Third Day (May 31st) of Summer Camp 2014
15 May 14

Flower 1

Flower 2


sushi 2

Dear friends,

There are quite interesting lecture and workshops on May 31st, last day of Summer Camp.

The Lecture “Student Life in Japan”– Mr Alharith went to Japan in 2008 and studied at language school at first.  Then he enrolled in the prestigious Tokyo Electrical College with major of Mechatronics.  He graduated after 4 years of study, which is not common, because the engineering course in Japan is quite difficult for any foreigners.   Undergraduate course in any Japanese University teaches all the subjects in Japanese.  Now he is fluent in Japanese language and very confident.

The workshop “Flower Arrangement”– Ms. Ooki will show you how to arrange the flowers in Japanese Ohara Method.  She has been teaching in Dubai since this year.  You can find the best way to display the flowers and make you space vivid!   Hurry, only a few seats left.

The workshop “Maki-sushi”– Mrs Endo and her team will show you how to make the rolled sushi at home.  She will teach you how to make white rice to sushi-tasted rice, then how to make “Hosomaki”, a smaller sushi, with only one content inside.   After you master the smaller rolls, you will try on “Futomaki”, a large rolled sushi which has many different contents inside.   She will make you laugh with a lot of jokes and  stories during the workshop!