About Us

UAE-Japan Cultural Center is established on the purpose of building mutually beneficial relationship between UAE nationals and Japanese residents in UAE. This Center is non-profit organization and exclusively dedicated to both nationalities.
UAE and Japan have been a long time business partners especially in oil exporting and industrial trading. But the level of cultural exchange is still poor compared to the amount of trading.

Despite the fact that more and more UAE students aim to have further study in Japan, there has not been a single place to introduce Japanese Culture in UAE. 
In other hand, UAE presently hosts more than 3000 Japanese. But most of them, in fact, do not know much of UAE culture even after living for many years, then go back home with superficial impression.
As we find urgent needs and requests from both sides for their cultural thirst, the idea of such center has come up and became reality.

Since it’s opening in March 2008, UAE-Japan Cultural Center has been warmly welcomed and well introduced to both nationalities. More than 100 people have registered and enjoyed its activities in the Center.