many different Arabic-UAE Cultural Courses, field trips, lectures to Japanese residents by UAE staff. Also offers Japanese Cultural Courses, such as Japanese Language, Summer Camp, Cultural Events to local communities by Japanese staff. They are not study or training courses, but human interaction and the first door to step into Japanese/Arabic Cultures.

Summer Camp

We hold Every year we have a Summer Camp for the young UAE nationals. It is officially supported by Japanese Consulate in Dubai.
It contains:

  • Lectures.
  • Calligraphy.
  • Sushi Cooking picture.
  • Kimono Lecture.

UAE Cultural Courses

The Center offers UAE Cultural Courses especially focused on local culture.
There are many different subjects about UAE.The teachers are all UAE nationals who have experience of teaching the subject.

  • National Study Course
    Talking about UAE’s breif history, contempolary life, sense of vavlue, women’s life, etc.
  • Arabic Language Course
  • Calligraphy Course
    Arabic Calligraphy Course: is one of the most popular courses for Japanese ladies. They learn beautiful phrase from Holy Quran every week.
  • Islamic Course
    It is also popular course for Japanese people. As there is no chance to learn Islam in Japan, the students are very serious for learning its philosophy. Each class has different theme of Islam, such as 5 Pillars of Islam, women in Islam, Miracles of Quran, etc. Class timing is often extended with so many questions.
  • Arabic Cooking Course
    Very popular course for Japanese cook loving wives. The local teacher shows how to use different spices, leaves, etc. It includes what side dishes to come along and how to serve the guests.
  • Field Trip to widen knowledge of UAE. Not only learning in the classroom, it is very important to feel the culture from many aspects. The Center offers different kinds of field trip visiting various cultural and educational facilities around UAE. The teacher explains UAE’s heritage in Japanese ladies made visit to local residence.
  • Field Trips. where they are welcomed with traditional local breakfast.